Benefits gift cards loyalty reward retail toronto

Benefits gift cards loyalty reward retail toronto

Increase in sales with Free advertising.

A full colour credit card that works as a sales tool to remind customers about your product. like a business card but feel like a credit card in your pocket Gift card sales boost (average 30% more than paper) A gift card is an impulse buy product to be displayed and promoted, not hidden in a drawer like a gift certificate. Gift cards can be reused-  When a paper gift certificate is issued, it is good for only the amount of the initial purchase. Great branding opportunities with your company’s logo and marketing message is printed on every gift card sold.

New Income

You can add a sponsor to the card and charge a fee or get a better deal.
(Put the logo from Coke on the card and get 25 free cases of Coke)

New Customers

Card value can set by you and either pre-loaded or RELOADED
(A regular customer give a $50.00 to a buddy. He spends the balance.
40% of those new customers will spend the same value on a return visit)
3 out of four consumers will spend more than the amount available on their gift card when they shop at your store.

Keep Customers Coming Back

For every $100 you spend at my place I’ll put $5.00 on your loyalty reward cards (They will come back to get that FREE $5.00. and spend MORE $$$)

Keep Customer Happy

When a customer returns merchandise, you have the option of offering a refund in the form of a gift card, ensuring that the value of the return stays with your business.

Get Free Money

On average 10-15% of cards are never redeemed. 
(Buy 200 cards with a $50.00 balance = $10,000)
$1,000 for free

Easy To Load- Easy To Cash

Just swipe like a credit card and punch in the value. To redeem run the card like a credit card

Easy to buy

Not all people are born shoppers and the thought of pounding the pavement trying to find the perfect gift can often be overwhelming for some individuals.

Better Cash Flow

A $50 gift certificate sale means $50 cash for your business today


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