More sales with Free advertising on Gift Cards

 Increase Brand Awareness, Free Advertising 

A full colour gift card emblazoned with your company logo works as a sales tool to remind customers about your product, bring them into your place of business, and it strongly encourages them to spend money. Word-of-mouth has been the key to success for many a small business, as well as direct recommendations from current customers. As your gift cards exchange hands, the modern version of word-of-mouth comes into play, spreading the news about the benefits of your business. You have given your current customer base a good feeling about your company, and they want to share that feeling with their friends and family. A gift card allows them to do so over the holidays or when there’s a special occasion. A friend who may not previously have tried your services through word-of-mouth alone, sporting a gift card, has a good reason to do so. And maybe next season, the friend might love your business so much that she too wants to share your services with the people around her Christmas tree. The ‘recommendation’ is there every time someone purchases a card for someone, every time someone receives a gift card, and every time the recipient opens his or her wallet, as is the idea and future intention of visiting your business. Gift cards for your business can be sold in a variety of locations; convenience stores, pharmacies, gas stations, grocery stores, greatly increasing your potential reach and putting your name and attractive, appealing logo out there for thousands of people to see and remember. You will find yourself with a wider range of potential clientele and greatly increased brand awareness.

Gift card providers see a boost in overall sales, on average, 30% more than paper gift certificates. A gift card is an impulse buy; a product to be displayed and promoted, not hidden in a drawer like a gift certificate. Gift cards can be reused-  When a paper gift certificate is issued, it is good for only the amount of the initial purchase. The certificate, if it’s even used, is then discarded and forgotten about. The gift card, however, can be reloaded, easily fits in a wallet, and brightly displays your company’s logo and marketing message.